Flemish Giant Rabbits "The Gentle Giants"

Flemish Giant Rabbits

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     We are a small family run rabbitry located near Ellsworth, WI. We currently raise light gray and white, with an occasional steel or black. We have raised rabbits for over 16 years, starting in 4H, and graduated to ARBA shows in 1999. We attend shows in MN, WI, Iowa, and occasionally travel farther.  The name Blooming Rabbitry stems from my love of gardening. Most of my does are named after flowers, and the bucks are named after trees and herbs. Both my sons, Tanner and Chase are involved with everything from chores to shows. Tim, my husband, builds my hutches, cages and nestboxes, and puts up with my passion for the rabbits.

     Flemish are generally friendly, easy to handle bunnies despite thier size. Our bunnies take trips to schools, nursing homes, and social gatherings. Because thier frequent contact with kids, besides my own kids constantly handling them, our rabbits temperments are a priority. We strive to improve our line of Flemish on all fronts.

    There is some information regarding Flemish on our "Flemish Giant info" page, but thier is more details on raising rabbiots on some fellow breeders web pages, please check out our links page and visit their websites. The more you know, the more your rabbit will benefit. Another valuable source is the "Care of the DOMESTIC RABBIT" book by Dr, Chris Hayhow. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or to check to see what we have available.




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